A mural for the latest pre-school in Puerto Morazán

We like to make the Puerto Morazan pre-schools as colourful and welcoming as possible, and our latest pre-school, the Flor de Margarita in Pancasan now has its very own mural. This vibrant wall art was designed by Nicaraguan artist and painted by parents and children at the pre-school.







Waving FdeM480








Flor de Margarita pre-school is open!


The latest pre-school in Puerto Morazan is our 9th! Funded by donations from Bristol people, the Flor de Margarita pre-escolar is in the community of Pancasan in Puerto Morazan. Flor de Margarita is Nicaraguan for Daisy, which has a meaning for our generous donors. The inauguration party was held in late February with traditional dance displays and visits from local dignitaries as well as some of our newest students who will benefit from the Montessori education.



Peppa Pig gets everywhere!