Teachers in Puerto Morazan

The teachers have learnt a lot from the Montessori training they received. Several mentioned how it was important for the children to be independent in their work, choosing the materials they wish to work with. The student teachers were also surprised that children were not forced to work if they did not want to.
In a recent report from Nicaragua, it was said that the children have learnt to adapt lessons in the classroom to everyday life. This has been a huge success as it helps the children to live sustainably.

Roxana Mariela Flores Vidaurre (retired)ROXANA (1)

Roxana is a primary school teacher with 19 years of experience and 12 years of training in the Montessori methodology.  Her one classroom preschool in Puerto Morazan serves 23 children and is equipped with Montessori materials.  The majority of the children have mothers who work at the local shrimp farming co-op.  She likes her work because it provides knowledge to children for a better future.  She also loves the Montessori methodology because she considers it important for good development, learning, independence and the acquisition of good behaviour in childhood.

Mercedes Irene Trujillo Carrillo


Mercedes lives in the Tonala community working as a teacher for 28 children at the Arbolito community pre-school. She is a primary school teacher and is licensed in psychology. She has 6 years of experience working with BLINC and Friends of Morazan. She loves working with the children and she feels that her training in the Montessori methodology has allowed the children in her class to develop their memory, dexterity, and language and maths skills which are important skills for their transition to the first grade.

Ana Julia Herrera Martinez

ana julia

Ana Julia comes from a large family and is the third child of six children. She lives in Puerto Morazan and has two sons and one daughter.  She recently completed her training as a primary school teacher but she has 12 years of experience in working with preschool-aged children. In 2002 she began employing Montessori techniques in her classrooms and has since noticed a difference in the 25 children she teaches.  She thinks that the Montessori methodology has led to early intellectual development in the students.

Martha Clariza Cortez Torrez


Martha lives in Puerto Morazan where she teaches 18 children.  She has 11 years of experience as a community preschool teacher and recently she completed her studies as a primary school teacher. She considers herself to be a responsible teacher who works well in a team and builds strong relationships. She has been trained in the Montessori methodology which she believes has helped the children develop their skills in practical life and understanding of sense experiences, maths, cultures and language.  Martha is satisfied by her work because she believes she is contributing to the education of the community through her dedicated attention to the children, which helps to build self-confidence and security in their lives.





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