In memory of Betty Roser

Friends of Morazan have installed another latrine, this one is for the children of San Francisco preschool (see the very cute video) and the funds were donated by Steve Roser in memory of his mother Betty.

Friends of Morazan – Betty Roser latrine in San Francisco


If you would like to commemorate a loved one with a compost toilet, do get in touch. Or go the whole hog and build a pre-school in their memory.


Drinkable water for Puerto Morazán

Everybody has the right to clean, drinkable water.

It’s something that many of us take for granted, but the reality for many people in Nicaragua is not so straightforward.

In areas with no municipal water supply, there are two choices –
buy expensive bottled water, or take the risk of drinking the potentially dangerous water from the nearest well or river. Children are especially vulnerable to the dangers inherent in drinking dirty water.

So, what can we do?

Friends of Morazán is raising money to buy water filters for local communities, and not just any old water filters either – ones that are made locally and therefore support the Nicaraguan economy. These water filters, designed by Potters for Peace, are truly amazing – lined with colloidal silver, they clear out 99.9% of the bacteria commonly found in dirty water. Able to filter between one and three litres of water per hour, the simple construction of the pressed bucket made of local terracotta clay and sawdust means that there’s hardly anything to go wrong on them – even better!

We are aiming to install at least 30 water filters, with each one given to a pre-school classroom in the Puerto Morazán municipality. Healthy children learn better, and the children who study in the schools can have clean drinking water to stay hydrated and so learn more effectively.

This is one of those opportunities to make a real difference in a child’s life, and at a cost of only £25 each – an amount that many of us spend without really thinking about it – it’s fair to say that any investment made in water filters such as these is money well spent.


For more information go here

Filters out 99.9% of water-borne bacteria

Filters already supplied to OXFAM, UNICEF & Red Cross

Made in Nicaragua